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#ArabWomenInspire 2021

Sarah Shendy

Sarah Shendy is Egyptian American and currently in her 13th year of being a Police Officer. In 2020, she was appointed by Ohio's Governor Mike DeWine to lead the Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment. Also, she's an Enforcement Training Officer for the Ohio Attorney General’s Office since 2016. She was born in Saudi Arabia, and grew up between Saudi Arabia and Egypt until her family came to the U.S in 1991. She's a first generation Arab-American. She attended Cuyahoga Falls High School, then got her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Kent State University, and a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Kaplan University. When asked “how did you get into law enforcement?” her reply has always been “God and a few select people”. Unlike others, she never thought that she would end up in uniform. She was a sworn officer in the police academy in 2007 and she knew then that she met the love and commitment of her life. Sarah looks up to the people she comes across in her profession that suffered the most horrific tragedy and trauma yet find the resilience, will, and power to overcome and continue with life. They are her everyday heroes. Undoubtedly, being raised in a Muslim and Arab household has forced her to stand out in her profession as an officer and trainer. Everything that her heritage and culture taught her, and the admiration and intimacy of it has caused people to trust her with their lives, growth, and healing. She always tells the Arab-American community that they need more of them in uniform. To a lot of people all over the State of Ohio, she has become the face of the Middle East. Her commitment to the people allowed her to build friendships, and turn strangers into advocates that will stand up for her heritage and culture. 

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