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Why AAC?

We believe it is time to connect and mobilize as young professionals to help our community advance further. AAC is non-partisan and non-religious. AAC belongs to anyone who identifies as an Arab American, and wants to connect, learn, teach, or find mentorship. 

This project started as an idea about 8 years ago during a casual conversation between co-founders Mohammad Faraj and Omar Kurdi. It might have taken 8 years to come fruition, but it only took this time so the right amount of thought and planning can take place. It also allowed for time to meet new people and connect with them. 

We are proud to have a very diverse advisory board. Our board serves as a guiding body to brainstorm, plan, and execute events and projects. 


AAC Mission

AAC is a resource for the young working Arab Americans within the Greater Cleveland area that strives to unite, elevate, and empower members within the community by providing a hub for networking and engaging opportunities within their areas of interest. We aim to bridge gaps, showcase people from all professions, organizations and promote an environment that gives a sense of integration, growth, and identity. 

AAC Vision

AAC offers professional and cultural promotion through community engagement while breaking barriers and collaborating with all parts of the community. 


AAC Values

AAC places a high level of importance on unity, connections, and community. 

  • Unity encompasses our commitment to collaborating with Arab Americans with roots from all 22 Arab countries.  

  • Connections are what we strive to build among people from different backgrounds and professions. 

  • Community highlights our outreach to include students, professionals, employers, universities, and both community and industry leaders.

  • Empowering Arab American students through a scholarship program dedicated to Arab American college students in Northeast Ohio.

  • Representing the Arab American professional community and advocating on their behalf.

We are always available for questions or suggestions. You can always send us an e-mail at or send us a message on Instagram @arabamericanscle. 

Thank you for believing in our mission, and for working with us towards the advancement of our young Arab American community. 

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