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#ArabWomenInspire 2021

Maysa Jadallah

Maysa Jadallah is the Principal of Al Ihsan School of Excellence. Maysa has been with Al Ihsan School of Excellence for 8 years. She started off as a Kindergarten teacher then became the Preschool Director in 2014. Shortly after, she got a promotion to become the school’s Vice-Principal and held that position for two years. Maysa credits her two years as Vice Principal for providing her with the experience and necessary confidence to take on the role of principal. Maysa has a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and a master’s degree in Education from Cleveland State University.

A long time Cleveland resident, she is proud to be working in education in the city that she loves. She feels that she is also giving back to the community through her service at Al Ihsan School, which has become a prominent Islamic and Arabic school in the area. Maysa has been working with children for over 10 years and takes great honor and pride in her service for children in the area.

Aside from her role as Principal, Maysa believes her most important role is being a mother. Maysa is a mom to three kids, two of which are also Al Ihsan students. Motherhood helps Maysa become a better principal, as she believes all students are her kids, and are deserving of the same mother-child love. 

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