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#ArabWomenInspire 2021

Malaz ElGemiabby

Malaz Elgemiabby is the founding Principal of ELMALAZ, a Design studio in Cleveland, Ohio. As a designer, photographer, and professor, her work creatively utilizes unique skills and tools carefully cultivated through international and multicultural architectural experiences to align design with community needs.


Malaz’s recently completed the design of Riverview Welcome Center, part of the $40 million Irishtown Bend development. She is also an advocate for community engagement and was a speaker at Women in Architecture conference Leadership Summit 2019, and appointed as the Designer in Residence for Cleveland Foundation Creative Fusion 2019.

She is also the recipient of Minority Art and Culture Fund grant for two consecutive years on community public art projects and is selected as one of Cleveland’s Most Interesting People 2020. In November 2020, Malaz was awarded with the Activism Award from the Cleveland Chapter of the American Institute of Architecture.


Malaz Elgemiabby is from Sudan, and holds a Masters of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a Bachelor of Interior Architecture and Design from London Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Malaz has appeared in multiple interviews written and visual to speak on her art, designs, and activism. 

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