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Isam Muntaser

Board Member

My name is Isam (aka Frank) Muntaser. We all have an American name, am I right? Okay, back to the bio. I am a proud son of Palestinian immigrants and I am a Clevelander since birth. I am the oldest of five siblings and I believe this pushed me to set the best example for them. Like many Cleveland Arab Americans, I grew up working in the family business, while going to Cleveland State University. This was a blessing not only for stability purposes but for allowing me to gain a strong work ethic. This gave me the ability to graduate from Cleveland State University with a bachelor’s degree in International Business in 2013 and then earn my Juris Doctor degree from the Cleveland Marshall College of Law and get my license to practice in Ohio in 2017. Now I practice in personal injury law and I love fighting for my clients. Outside of work, I am on the board of Beit Hanina Community Center, and I am proud to be working to represent my community’s interests in many different ways. One way to represent my community was through joining Arab Americans of Cleveland – Young Professionals Network. AAC is an organization that I am so proud to be a part of because it is so important to be connected. I realized growing up that a lot of life is who you know, and I learned the hard way that I really did not know many professionals. There were times when I needed advice or guidance and it would have been great to have someone who understands our culture and has a background similar to mine. With so many Arab Americans in Cleveland, we have the opportunity to lay a foundation for the next generation. I look forward to what we can build and I am so proud of how far we have already come. And as Lebron James once said: “Cleveland! This is for you!”

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