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Ghazi Faddoul

My name is Ghazi Faddoul. I was born & raised in Hammana, Lebanon. My roots emanate from a community fueled by faith & love. My parents sent me to the U.S. during Lebanon’s civil war in 1976. In an unfamiliar land, I found familiarity in faith & culture at St. Maron’s Church in Cleveland. As a result of my family’s sacrifice, I felt a responsibility to further my education & strive for success. I attended Cuyahoga Community College & Cleveland State University, while simultaneously working side jobs busing tables & delivering pharmaceuticals. In 1984, I partnered with my cousin Samir Rabil to launch a development office for Subway Restaurants, covering Northeast Ohio. We opened the first Subway franchise in Cleveland in 1985 & went on to develop 100+ locations in our territory-assisting many entrepreneurs & their families to develop their own businesses. Together we helped develop what was known then as an emerging brand, to what is now a global juggernaut. My parents’ work ethic & endurance have inspired my successes personally & professionally. Their sacrifices for their family and community always inspired me to work harder. My wife, Bernadette, was & continues to be my constant source of love, support, & encouragement. Lebanese culture is rich in traditions of faith, celebration, & cuisine. The spirit of these traditions helps me seek to leave others better off than I find them. I believe that one act, no matter the size, can have a positive impact. Now, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m doing what I’ve always done. It’s a feeling that I’m familiar with dating back to the uncertainties of war-torn Lebanon, & through the risks that I encountered with over 60 years on this earth. Environments change-passion doesn’t. It’s that same passion that inspires me to spread messages of hope & positivity. Just recently, my family orchestrated a delivery of over 5,000 Subway meals to University Hospitals. In the last few weeks, my stores have collected donations & delivered over 6,500 meals to entities impacted by this pandemic. My favorite quote is, “Think big!” You can never dream too big. We’re all individually capable of more than we can imagine.

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