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#ArabWomenInspire 2021

Faten Odeh

Faten Odeh taught history and journalism at Al Ihsan School of Excellence and GED through the adult education with the Aspire program at the Cuyahoga County Library. Faten is also the co-founder of the Misada Family Literacy Organization, which aims to bring families together through story times, family activities and other educational programs. She serves on the board of CAIR-Cleveland and Cleveland Peace Action where she is co-chair of the Middle East committee. She graduated with her undergraduate degrees in political science and journalism before obtaining her master’s in history education from East Carolina University. Prior to graduate school, she interned for Congressman Dennis Kucinich in 2011 and worked with a refugee resettlement agency in Cleveland. She received her TESOL certification from the University of Akron in 2016 through Project Achieve. Faten has been a part of numerous speaking engagements at institutions such as Case Western Reserve University, East Carolina University and the Cleveland International Film Festival-just to name a few.  Faten is currently teaching her son in the school of life while working towards her CFRM through the Center on Muslim Philanthropy. Her creative pursuits include working on a novel and a documentary with filmmaker Diana Musa which aims to tell the narratives of those with ties to the West Bank.

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