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#ArabWomenInspire 2021

Kubra Hilali

Kubra Abbas Alhilali was born in the early nineties to a Baghdadi family that loved art and coexisted with it in all its colors and types. This influenced her decision to enter the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad and study painting. The war did not allow Kubra’s dream to come true, as she and her family had to leave Iraq to Jordan. She completed her studies in Jordan and graduated from Amman’s Fine Arts Institute. She continued painting in Jordan and participated in several group exhibitions that were held for Iraqis and Arabs.

She and her family left Jordan for the United States of America, where she settled and set off her great and real start from the city of Cleveland, Ohio. In Cleveland, she dealt professionally with significant halls and libraries to display her works. Her first exhibition was titled “Deferred Childhood” where she instructed her brushes to paint the stories of war and its effect on children. Her paintings reflected the hurt, injuries, and wounds of the children of the world who were exposed to wars and its cruelty.

And between a personal and joint exhibition, it was inevitable to be influenced by the mystical Sufi readings that she delved into. Kubra’s work shifted to reflect on the beauty of Arabic letters and calligraphy, music, and how they work magically together with vibrant colors. Kubra does commission work as well as she is running her personal small business “Kubra Kulshi & Kalashi.” Her work can be seen on her Instagram page @kubraalhilali.

Kubra’s work, dedication, talent, and story led the City of Cleveland to invite her to participate in a city art workshop, and to work on a mural project for the city. Kubra believes that this will be a symbol of loyalty to the first city that she embraced and embraced her. Cleveland has become a second home for Kubra, where she feels like she belongs and can spread her humanitarian message to the world and to call on people to live with each other with love and peace.

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