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Dina Ali
Advisory Board Member

My name is Dina Ali. I'm an Egyptian American entrepreneur, founder of DJ Dina & co-founder of Lime Lights Entertainment. I was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt and immigrated to Cleveland, Ohio in 1998. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management from Ohio University and worked at Cleveland Clinic for a little over seven years. During my time at the Clinic I worked closely with course directors and physicians to design, implement, and evaluate educational programs for the Lerner College of Medicine. My work involvement with organizing conferences, executive meetings and large-scale events, has helped me dramatically with expanding and maintaining my entertainment business today. I started my DJing career in 2008 and always dreamed of growing my true passion into a full-service entertainment company. I learned the basics of music production and sound engineering through professional training, then I was able to practice and train myself on how to mix/blend music to keep a high energy on the dancefloor. I married the man of my dreams and together we created Lime Lights Entertainment. My motivations come from my wonderful family and friends who are my true supporters and who have been there for me throughout my professional growth. Outside of work, I'm honored to be a member of the EACC (Egyptian American Community Council), and AAC (Arab Americans of Cleveland-Young Professionals Network). I am extremely proud of my Egyptian roots and the fact that our Egyptian history and civilization speaks for itself. My favorite quote is by Helen Keller: “Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much”. My message to the community is very simple, our Arab world is divided and has seen lots of turmoil. It’s time for us to put our differences aside and work together as a team to create better futures for the new generations to come.

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