Hamza Aissani

Board Member

My name is Hamza Aissani and I am a proud Algerian American. I was born in Eugene, Oregon, then moved back to Constantine, Algeria with my parents. I was raised in Constantine and lived there until 2013. I moved to Cleveland about 7 years ago. I am very proud of my Arab and Amazigh heritage. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the National School of Architecture and Urbanism of Constantine. I work for Lake Erie Electric Inc which is one of the best ranked Engineering and Contractors Companies in the nation as a Virtual Design and Construction Engineer Coordinator and I’ve been with them for about six years. My parents are my number one source of inspiration on a personal and a professional level. They taught me how to be kind, how to love, how to spread positivity and how to help people around me. They taught me how to never make anyone feel small including myself, and how to work hard. I have also looked up to successful architects, artists, and athletes as a role model. I like spending time talking to my family, traveling, training, playing local and regional soccer leagues. If I can say something to the community around me it would be to love, respect and appreciate each other’s differences. Doing that will make us stronger and will help us grow intellectually and spiritually. I would like to end with one of my favorite quotes which has inspired me throughout my upbringing. “If you don’t like it, don’t do it. But don’t forget that: no pain no gain” – Serge Nubret.